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What i learned in sociology essay

What i learned in sociology essay forward this error screen to sharedip-16015332229. A-Level Sociology – Marked by Teachers.

See our A-Level Essay Example on Is sociology a science? Stratification now at Marked By Teachers. Critically evaluate the view that sociology is not a scientific discipline. Sociology can be identified as a scientific subject according to positivists as sociology can test theories, establish laws and uncover causal relationships. For Comte and Durkheim, sociology is a positivistic science as it is the analysis of social facts.

Positivists believe there is an external reality to the individual and that social facts constraint independent of the individual. Human behaviours are a response to observable social conditions explained in terms of cause-effect relationships. Positivists just like scientists use rigorous methods which are objective and value free. For these reasons positivist sociologists favour quantitative methods and data. People cannot be studied using controlled observation so therefore sociology is not considered to be a science. Other sociological views would argue that sociology is scientific.