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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. The program prepares highly-qualified physician assistants who regardless of practice settings, are sensitive to both individual and cultural differences in the communities they serve. Are you struggling to write your physician assistant personal statement? Are you out of ideas, or just need a second opinion? Do you want an essay that expresses who you truly are and grabs the reader’s attention in the required 5,000 character limit?

If so, then we are here to help. Through an integrated curriculum in the medical sciences and the healing arts, the program provides a comprehensive educational program that meets the demands of a dynamic health care system. As a community of learners, the program fosters professional growth through scholarly pursuit and practical experiences while promoting the integration of the whole person in the development of clinical, interpersonal and professional skills required in the collaborative practice of medicine as physician assistants. For a complete list of the Physician Assistant Program details and requirements please visit the official PA program website.

CSU PA program located in Parma Ohio, is currently on probation and will cease to operate in December 2018. Currently, the program has no active admissions process and is not accepting any more students. The institution is eligible to re-apply for accreditation but at this time there is no timeline to submit a new application. The application process can take up to 5 years to complete. All of these post graduate training programs, also referred to as residencies or fellowships, provide some form of advanced learning in various medical and surgical specialties. Those who attend residency programs claim that PA residencies offer hands on practical experience that will prepare you to be better perform at your job. PAs who jump into specialty without residencies claim you can get paid 2-3x as much, work less, and learn just as much while getting your training on the job.