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Material and nonmaterial culture essay

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Durkheim’s thesis in regards to social solidarity, based upon his views, which explain individuals influenced by social facts. Durkheim viewed social facts being outside of the individual but yet powerful in shaping the individual. Social facts defined as material and nonmaterial. Material social facts visible such as buildings, while nonmaterial social facts difficult to see but as a society we know they exist. Yes, the Soviet grip on Eastern Europe was complete. By the early nineteen eighties solidarity had more than nine million members, that was over a third of the Polish workforce and in a survey at the time ninety five percent of poles said they trusted solidarity. The Solidarity Movement In the summer of 1980 Communist Poland was experiencing labor unrest at an unprecedented level.

Living standards were still very low, the economy was stagnant, and food shortages and inflation were abundant. The Polish Communist Party was faced with nationwide strikes, and their tactics of buying off workers had failed because there were too many people striking. However, when the strikes spread to the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk on August 14th, everything was about to change. The culture of solidarity means seeing others not as rivals or statistics, but brothers and sisters. Solidarity is a word casually thrown around in theology.

My view of solidarity is constantly changing. After interacting with new people and now that I have a deeper insight into theological studies, I found that solidarity is different for every person and everyone’s experience is different. Is Solidarity for Only White Women? However, this is ironic since solidarity means agreement among individuals with common interest. The phrase species white women even though minorities are the people excluded from the debate agreements. Johnson would certainty say that the white women have the privilege in mainstream media.

Kenya has been a symbol of East African solidarity, as they gained a reluctant sovereignty after years of ram shaking batter with colonialist Britain. Many factors contributed to the gaining of Kenyan independence in December 1963, using both aggressive and passive styles of rebellion they rebuked colonial autocracy and gained their independence. During the 19th Century numerous European countries begun to take an active interest in African countries, Kenya and much of East Africa was soon swept under British mandate. Solidarity is an important linchpin in any type of organization. In a labor union, it is even more so, it is the foundation of the organization. A limited amount of labor unions today have a level of unity that gives them the power to wield when it comes to negotiating contracts. This assignment submission deals with the advantages and drawbacks of intellectual autonomy and intellectual solidarity on the basis of the arguments from David Hume, Thomas Reid and Immanuel Kant as presented on the video lectures of this class.