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Ielts writing task 2 essay structure

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IELTS Writing Task 2: argument or discussion? When you argue, you are trying to persuade the other person to agree with your point of view. You might even get angry! When you discuss, you consider different points of view, and nobody gets angry. The question should make it very clear what it wants you to do. If it asks you to “discuss”, you should write about both sides or two views. For this type of question, give your opinion in the introduction and support it in the rest of the essay.

Develop an argument that persuades the reader to agree with you. Note: you can have a strong view or a balanced view – it’s your choice. Whenever I write a paragraph using ‘firstly, secondly, finally’, people ask me whether there are any better alternatives to these linking words. Is there another way to state firstly, secondly and finally? My teacher told me these are already overused. The easy answer to this question is yes.

There are plenty of other words that we could use instead of ‘firstly, secondly, finally’. It’s fine to change the linking words, but the paragraph style should stay the same. These are just simple linking words that do a useful job. You won’t get a higher score by using bigger linking words that seem more impressive. For example, there’s nothing difficult or impressive about the word ‘moreover’.

Why waste your time looking for more original linking words if they don’t exist? This is what will impress the examiner. Today I’d like to show you two different ways to write the same paragraph. This oversupply of labour could cause an increase in unemployment.