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Controlling idea essay example

I predict a similar controlling idea essay example for Java. This is just a guess.

I know what branch of the tree to bet on now. The rest you can change. Will we even be writing programs in a hundred years? Languages evolve slowly because they’re not really technologies. Moore’s Law will stop working.

And yet some applications will still demand speed. It’s a general historical trend. Boston to New York via Memphis. They’re nearly all going to be wasted. I learned to program when computer power was scarce.

But I think my intuitions here are wrong. Some kinds of waste really are disgusting. But not all waste is bad. There’s good waste, and bad waste. Most data structures exist because of speed. So why do you need a separate data type? I don’t think that’s the right way to get it.

This will be more and more true as computers get faster. French verb “essayer”, which means “to try”. How far will this flattening of data structures go? Will we get rid of arrays, for example?

Will we replace hash tables themselves with lists? There are more shocking prospects even than that. I don’t see why not. The future is pretty long. This extra cost buys you flexibility.

Will the future ever catch up with it? In a hundred years will it affect even application programmers? As this gap widens, profilers will become increasingly important. Little attention is paid to profiling now. I expect them to proliferate.