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Charlotte”s web essay questions

Charlotte’s Web is a book by E. The Charlotte’s Web study guide contains a biography of E. White, 100 charlotte’s web essay questions questions, a list of major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. What does Fern ask her mother in the first line of the book?

Why is Papa going out to the hoghouse? Where’s Papa going with that shovel? Where’s Papa going with that axe? Why does Mr Arable set out to kill one of the piglets? How does Fern feel about her father killing the piglet? What does Mr Arable decide to do with the piglet once he’s been persuaded not to kill it?

How old is Fern’s brother Avery? What does Avery liken the piglet to when he first sees it? How does Fern feed the piglet? What is Avery carrying the first time we meet him? When Fern gets on the bus to school after being given the piglet, what does she think about? What does Fern name the pig?

How does Wilbur keep himself warm at night? How does Fern sometimes take Wilbur out? When Fern and Avery go for a swim, what does Wilbur do? What sort of a pig is Wilbur? How old is Wilbur when Mr Arable says he is old enough to sell? How much does Mr Zuckerman buy Wilbur for?

What does Mr Zuckerman forbid Fern from doing when she visits Wilbur in his barn? Who persuades Wilbur to escape from the yard? What is Mr Zuckerman’s first name? The day before Wilbur meets his new friend, what spoils his plans? Why won’t the goose play with Wilbur when he is so lonely?