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Dubbed simply as T3, no expense seems to be spared in an effort about delhi metro essay bring the nation’s second busiest airport up to international traveler’s standards. Save Tibet: Real or One of the Best Scams in History? As you deplane, follow the signs for Customs and Baggage Claim.

Unfortunately the new terminal comes with a very long walk to reach immigration services. Fortunately the journey is eased with moving sidewalks, a feature not seen or even needed in T3’s predecessor. Wall to wall carpet dampens the noise of weary travelers as they make their way down the long corridor. Clean, western toilets are available along the way. Escalators bring passengers down into the immigration hall with ample room now for multiple flight overlap. Bright lights mixed with glass ceilings allowing for natural light illuminate the immigration hall, bouncing off the over-sized sculpture hands set in traditional religious Indian poses. Double the immigration agents and desks now welcome tourists into the country.

With stamped passport in hand, passengers proceed to the right into baggage claim. Luggage turnstiles line this equally-as-bright hall which can easily accommodate the influx of international flights nightly. Modern western toilets are more promptly found through this area, a welcome sight after the long search it once took in the former baggage area. Rental car services, currency exchange services, lost baggage services, food vendors and more are lined along the exit wall. Keep in mind there is no re-entry past this point.

The procedure of handing over the immigration stub received just minutes earlier in the immigration hall is still in practice. Some personal ask for it while others breeze past without a word. Enormous glass walls welcome visitors to India. Waiting drivers, family members or hotel personnel can be found here. As with the old terminal, non-ticketed passengers may not enter this area. Proceed to taxi’s here or to the multi-level parking garage. One level above the arrivals exit is the near blinding departures area.

Flood lights coat the pavement ensuring a visible way to the entry doors. Cars jockey for position nearest the doorways via two directions. The inner lanes are reserved for taxis and VIP vehicles while the outer lane is for public vehicles. Either way signs clearly mark the correct airline doorways. And as before, only ticketed passengers are allowed into the ticketing hall so be prepared to say farewell from this point.