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A doll”s house marriage essay

Free A Doll’s House Nora papers, a doll’s house marriage essay, and research papers. People cannot survive on their own in this world, so they form relationships. It can make someone the happiest person in the world or the most miserable.

In order to establish a stable and long lasting relationship, there must be proper communication at the base of this bond. The rules of proper communication include: listening to each other, understanding the other person’s emotions and needs, truthfully expressing one’s view’s, and supporting each other during times of adversity. Henrik Ibsens, A Doll House, is about how a family, particularly Nora Helmer, deals with an old secret that is about to become known to her husband Torvald Helmer. At the start of the play Nora is talking with Torvald.

Nora begins to acting like Torvald’s “little squirrel” in attempt to get money from him. At that time it is not known what she wants the money for, but Nora says it was for Christmas presents. The actual reason for the money is so she can pay on her little secret. It seems that Nora is a type of doll that is controlled by Torvald.